There’s a shoe tax?

For decades, we’ve all been paying a hidden shoe tax. Critics say it’s a regressive levy that’s only hurting low- and middle-income families.

Now Congress is considering legislation that would eliminate the tax on low- to moderately-priced footwear, including children’s shoes—the footwear that families on the tightest budgets have to buy.

The tax got its start during the Great Depression. The government charged extra for companies that brought foreign-made shoes into the U.S. The idea at the time was to help American shoe manufacturers.

Today, few shoes are still made in this country, but the tax remains.

quoted from WFAA and found via Hoosier Army Mom’s blog

I’ve been paying $4 in taxes on each $20 in shoes? WHAT???

And, of course, if they get rid of the shoe tax, as they should, the government will have even less money to work with. But they should get rid of it. They should.

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  1. Hello! And of course since this tax did absolutely nothing to “save the American Shoe industry”, we have been paying it many years after the American show industry disappeared! Also, for trivia buffs… the income tax was first established by Abraham Lincoln to help finance the Civil War! We all know how out of control that has become. I have been looking at the “Fair Tax” idea and I believe that it would be the best option by far. Everyone paying tax according to what they consume. A very unique idea.
    But I’m with you… let’s get rid of this shoe tax thingy! How could a bunch of politicians do that to the American woman???

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