Things I read today worth passing on

Red State says that China has a much smaller economy than ours and therefore isn’t as big a threat as perceived.

I will say that the information is interesting and new, but an economy smaller than ours can still get a bigger military with conscription and a heavier economic investment.

Right on the Left Coast quotes an article on the teenage brain. It’s clear from the research that teenage brains are more likely to make risky decisions during times of high stress.

And most teenagers are in times of high stress most of the time.

Betsy’s Page lets us know that the Brits can figure some things out. Some British child psychologists are suggesting not getting all het up about boys playing gun games. They say it might even be good for them.

Imagine that.

Sigmund, Carl, and Alfred say that Bhutto, contrary to the West’s presentation of speaking no ill of the dead, was a corrupt and dangerous politician.

I learned more about Bhutto from this blogger than from any of the hagiographic writing about her death, which didn’t really deal with her life except that she twice led Pakistan.

Cronaca has a piece on Santa denial being illegal in Russia because you can’t discredit parents and teachers.

I wonder which one wins if the parents and teachers disagree.

Ms. Frizzle had a post on handmeon, a gift ecology where you give something away so that it can be held and then give away again and there are blog posts so each person who gets it can write about it and say what it meant to them. Ms. Frizzle suggests that it be a way of sharing a new way to give gifts.

I love the idea and look around my house for something I would be willing to pass on. Btw, Ms. Frizzle, I rarely pass on my books. I do buy additional copies for giving. I’ve only twice given books away. Twice I have been sad later. Only once was really a problem, though. And that’s because I can no longer get a copy of the book.