Select a Candidate Quiz

Can be found here

The quiz said I should support the candidate that I do.

Fred Thompson is my candidate of choice.

However, I would have thought my second choice would be Mitt Romney, but the quiz gave John McCain a one point (53 versus 52) edge over Romney.

Go see who the quiz says you should vote for, based on what you think. But vote for whomever you think ought to be running the country.

Update: I went back and took the quiz again, having thought of the answers for just a few more minutes.

I still had Fred Thompson (61 rather than 60 though) and my new second choice was Mitt Romney (with 59). In addition, my McCain score dropped six points.

This, I think, is much closer to how I feel about the situations.

I will say that Social Security and Education were of lower importance to me. I have not been allowed to put money into social security (as a teacher) and my children are homeschooled so I don’t really care how teachers are paid.