Youth minister candidate 1

This was my personal favorite. When I asked him about what he would say to an atheist and explained about my son, he immediately stopped and prayed for him. He also has the most experience of any of our candidates.

My husband didn’t think he was a fit with the church after meeting him at supper on Friday.

One of our elders got up in church and said he needed to lose weight, while he was sitting in the audience. (That was NOT acceptable in my opinion.)

We’ve gotten about ten feedbacks so far and they are overwhelmingly positive. The only negatives mentioned were that he needs to lose weight (wonder where they got that idea?) and that someone wasn’t sure he would mesh with the ministry team.

On the weight, yes, he probably does need to lose weight. But he looked much slimmer on Friday morning in khakis and a golf shirt than he did on Sunday morning in a huge suit coat. I think he’s not as overweight as he looked on Sunday.

Maybe my church wants a perfect candidate. (Sure, why not?) But I don’t think there is one.

I really like this candidate, but I almost felt that I should warn him off from all the negatives at our church.

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  1. That is just appalling!!! Weight should not have anything to do with his consideration for the job. In any other workplace that would be considered discrimination! Why on earth would a youth minister have to be an ideal weight (whatever that is)?

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