Art for Dielli

All of the following are images I found while searching for “why study art.”

2500 BC Sumerian necklace, gold leaves and lapis lazuli

Storage jar decorated with mountain goats, 3000s BC, Persia

Silver bull holding silver drinking cup, Persia, 3100-2900 BC

8th Century BC, King and goat?

Prancing Horse, 1350 BC, Egyptian This is a beautiful piece, but I have no idea how it would originally have been displayed. There is no flat bottom. The back feet seem to be on a ball so maybe part of the sculpture is missing. They eyes are garnets. I like the look of the piece.

Intricate model of boat and servants, 1350 BC, Egypt

Elaborate gold ornament, 1350 BC, Egypt

A scarab beetle necklace There is a gold base, a green beetle, and a gold bar across, probably to secure the beetle.

An ostracon, which archaeologists believe was used to teach artists how to make a face well. 1350 BC, Egypt It is a piece of plaster with drawing on it.

This is an ivory relief from 450 BC, Greece. However, it shows the way the art was moving for Dielli. Or maybe it just shows more realism. I don’t know.

Here is a similar relief. This one, however, has the five colors of paint they think were original to the piece based on paint fragments.