It’s Friday and I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

I guess the three glasses of tea are warring with the melatonin and winning.

I am prepared for classes tomorrow, although I am not sure I like what I am doing. And I have WAY too much stuff to carry up. I’ll probably have to make two trips.

Tomorrow for Dinosaurs and Dragons we’ll read Job 41 and Revelation 12. That’s the leviathan and dragon section.

Then we’ll discuss the history of dragon/dinosaurs.

We’ll also make a list of all the words we can make from dragons/dinosaurs. They must have at least two letters.

is in on as id drag son sons grass sound sounds drain drains rain rains grain grains din dross door doors dour darn rag rags road roads sad sour sand sands song songs sod nod rod rods nods did suds sin sins sing sings sang groin groins grind grin grins rad rid rug rugs

I also have some dinosaur pictures to show them and some dinosaur mazes to do.

We’re doing Minoan and Mycenaean games in Games and Races. Pretty much following the same schedule as last semester. Except we’re going to work on the timeline regularly.