Dragons and History

Who could ask for a more exciting site? And the pictures are great too. Including a 1734 sketch by a missionary to Greenland of a sea monster. And an 1890 story from the Tombstone Epitaph about cowboys shooting dactyls.

Marco Polo reported in 1271 that on special occasions the royal chariot was pulled by dragons and in 1611 the emperor appointed the post of a “Royal Dragon Feeder.” Books even tell of Chinese families raising dragons to use their blood for medicines and highly prizing their eggs.

While Marco Polo was ridiculed by Europeans when he came home, many of the things they believed he lied about were true. Maybe this is too?

he familiar story of Beowulf and the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon, which are well-known in the annals of English literature, likely have some basis in fact. Indeed the “dragon” … is the dinosaur Baryonyx, whose skeleton has been found in England.

That’s a cool thought. That they were doing away with the last of the dinosaurs. Native Americans/Indians hunted woolly mammoths. Why not Brits doing away with dinos?

The city of Nerluc in France was renamed in honor of the killing of a “dragon” there. This animal was said to be bigger than an ox and had long, sharp, pointed horns on its head. Was this a surviving Triceratops?

It’s all fascinating stuff.

I used the site to show pictures and tell stories to my first days Dino and Dragons class.