There’s a problem

when a city government tells the federal military that it is unwanted in their city. Of course, that is what the Second Amendment was for, so that we could if we needed to.

Of course, this is Berkeley, CA so instead of fighting with guns they have handed out a permanent parking space in front of the Marine Recruiting Office to Code Pink. They have also given them an ongoing sound permit to protest one day a week for four hours.

I think the Senator from SC has the right idea.

DeMint said he will draft legislation to rescind any earmarks dedicated for the City of Berkeley in the recently passed appropriations bill — which his office tallied to value about $2.1 million. He said that any money taken back would be transferred to the Marines.

DeMint’s office provided a preliminary list of items that would be subject to his proposal:

— $975,000 for the University of California at Berkeley, for the Matsui Center for Politics and Public Service, which may include establishing an endowment, and for cataloguing the papers of Congressman Robert Matsui.

— $750,000 for the Berkeley/Albana ferry service.

— $243,000 for the Chez Panisse Foundation, for a school lunch initiative to integrate lessons about wellness, sustainability and nutrition into the academic curriculum.

— $94,000 for a Berkeley public safety interoperability program.

— $87,000 for the Berkeley Unified School District, nutrition education program.

I’m all for that. They don’t like the federal government, then get the fed. gov’t’s money out of the way.

Of course, I think unfunded earmarks should be done away with anyway.