R didn’t get a job because he has too much experience, which means he was too expensive. I wouldn’t have expected being in early 40s made you too old for jobs, but apparently it does. Dang it.

And I’m still struggling to get a full-time job so that we can send the kids to college. That’s not working out too well either. And I really need that job in 2009 at the latest. I wouldn’t mind working full-time at CC2, but it doesn’t look like they really need someone there. Their enrollment has gone down. I love working at CC1, but apparently I am not going to go get a job teaching writing there….

So, I don’t know what we’re going to do. R could quit and see if he could get a job while he was unemployed. I could see if I could get a job wherever he gets a job.

Sometimes life is not as sweet and easy as one would hope.