Reasons to vote for Romney

(even if you are a libertarian)

He is a man of character: a family man, married to only one wife, five sons, grandchildren.

(Yes, character doesn’t always mean making good decisions, but at least his foundation for making decisions is strong.)

He has been a successful businessman, running a company and bringing others back from problems.

(I know the government isn’t a business, exactly. But it is in a way and he’s been successful in business. That also means he’s against too much government interference in business.)

He has been a successful governor, in a Democratic state, which ought to give him some street creds.

(Governors are from the executive branch. Senators are from the legislative branch. They have different ways of doing things. Plus, since he succeeded in a Democratic state, he might be able to bring over Democratic voters.)

He’s good looking.

(I know that isn’t enough by itself, but this is the age of television and we need to run someone who is good looking.)

He’s pro-life.

(He was really pro-life, when he recommended his friend not have the abortion and she died. Then he believed in exceptions for life of the mother and rape/incest. I believe in exceptions for life of the mother. If they’re both going to die, isn’t it better to guarantee that one is?)

On Iraq:
Human Events quotes Romney:

The process that is being pursued right now is that the President and his senior staff are meeting with generals and officials at the front in the theater and finding out their perspectives. That’s something you have to do….

But fundamentally, we’re talking about a very different approach than the Iraqi Study Group concluded. Their approach suggested somehow we would pull out in a setting that was less than victorious. We really do need to make sure we stabilize the nation to the extent humanly possible so that Iraq cannot be torn apart by its neighbors and so that a sectarian disaster does not ensue. [bold mine. ed]

Washington Post’s blog carries his words on timetables:

the President and – Prime Minister al-Maliki have to have a series of timetables and milestones that they speak about. But those shouldn’t be for public pronouncement. You don’t want the enemy to understand how long they have to wait in the weeds until you’re gonna be gone. You wanna have a series of things you wanna see accomplished in terms of the strength of the Iraqi military and the Iraqi police and the leadership of the, of the Iraqi government….

Could you, could you imagine the setting where, where during the second World War we said to the, the Germans, gee, if we haven’t reached the Rhine by this date, we’ll go home, or if we haven’t gotten this accomplished, we’ll, we’ll pull up and leave? You don’t, you don’t publish that to your enemy, or they just simply lie and wait until that time. So, of course, you have to work together to create timetables and milestones, but you don’t do that with the, with the opposition.

“I think we would hope to turn Iraq security over to their own military and their own security forces, and if presence in the region is important for us than we have other options that are nearby”…Romney said the Bush administration would be wise to publicly disclose some goals for success in Iraq to restore public confidence. Benchmarks that would tip off adversaries, however, should remain private.

He didn’t say we should withdraw. He said we should have goals. I’m all for having goals. If you aren’t trying to reach a goal, you aren’t going to make it. (I tell my college students that all the time. In fact, I make them write papers about their goals so that they will actually have written them down.)

Confirm Them quotes Romney on Judges:

“You have to have people who are willing to follow the law… Who don’t believe in substituting cocktail party values for constitional law.” He said he would nominate judges at all levels in the vein of Justices Alito, Scalia, and Thomas and Chief Justice Roberts. “You need people who will follow the law rather than legislating from the bench,” Romney concluded.

He did put in three liberal judges while he was in Massachusetts. I don’t know how many conservative judges he put in.

He also seems to have been responsible for requiring that Catholic hospitals carry the morning after pill, but I’m not sure how he was responsible for that. I don’t think it should have been done and he was at least a part of it.