Words I’ve never known

I had to look up several words in the dictionary. Others I just skipped. Some of the definitions were delightful, if you are a word hoarder like me.

yclept: the past participle of clepe, meaning to name or call (I guessed this, but it is true.)

jeroboam: a large bottle, usually four quarts (In the context it was “a jeroboam of annelids.” Even after realizing that annelids are worms, I’d never have thought this was a large bottle.)

tergiversation: equivocation, falsification by means of vague or ambiguous language (Also clear from the context, but never seen the word before in my life.)

These are only three of the perhaps ten words I have never seen or don’t remember ever having seen in all my reading which were included in the book McNally’s Risk by Lawrence Sanders. It was recommended to me as “a light and pleasant read with lots of food described.” Also, she said, there is interesting discussion of upper crust habits.

I’m going to keep a small slip of paper in the rest of the series and write down words I don’t know. I am THRILLED to be reading a book where I am learning new words. It is fun reading, but I wouldn’t have called it light. The guy is dealing with his religious beliefs and sleeps around all the time; a woman has sex with her father… It’s like that. Not what I would call light reading.