What would you do with a credit card you didn’t have to pay for?

Well, apparently someone in Dearborn, Michigan (who somehow managed to be taking money from our account here) would take up to nineteen of their closest friends out for dinner or a drink. They spent $137 at a bar and grill. With drinks at $6 a pop, that’s twenty drinks. Or at ten dollars apiece they took out twelve. Or, more likely, for them and their nearest and dearest, they got two expensive dinners and six drinks a piece.

Then, of course, they went shoe shopping. $305 on shoes. My mother once bought me six pairs of shoes at Beall’s. I think they might have cost that much. Maybe. Never in my life would I spend that much money on shoes. But someone did. At the Footlocker.

Then they went home to sleep it off. R happened to check our account last night. He came downstairs and told me “not to freak out.” (That usually means there is something worth freaking out about.) We went and took the last of our money out of the bank.

We probably need to check our credit report and make sure they haven’t opened credit accounts.