A better description of our situation

with the debit card problem is at my husband’s site.

My bank assures me they will credit me back the lost funds and any overdraft charges but it does mean my checking account is currently empty. That’s the peril of a debit card vs a credit card. If this had happen with a credit card I wouldn’t be out anything until I got a bill. But with a debit card it is straight out of my account. To make things even worse, since this is my bank account, other things like checks and automatic drafts could bounce. My electric bill for instance comes out tomorrow automatically.

There’s way more and it’s very articulate. He’s good with words.

2 thoughts on “A better description of our situation

  1. Wow! I am glad dh caught it. Any idea how they got the card number?

    We cut up our debit cards and only have the regular ATM card. Besides, I go to the bank about every other day or so. They know me now 🙂

    BTW – We use our Costco AM EX – which gets us $$ back from AM EX where ever we use it and $$ back from Costco when we use it at Costco. And we pay if off each and every month.

  2. We don’t know how they got ahold of the card number. R had just been sent that one last week. So they couldn’t even have been raiding the trash. My thought on the most likely scenario is someone working for our bank. We’re not sure they don’t have a duplicate card.

    The bank we use doesn’t have an ATM card. The debit card is the only option.

    R’s planning on doing what you do with your AmEx with his, except paying it off when he gets home.

    I guess I’m the real hold up. All I have is a Discover and Visa, no AmEx. But I think Discover has cash back, too.

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