Pages read 2008: 42 days in

Since Lent lasts forty days, I have not read any more romance. I am still at 15,804.

Science fiction is still 2510.

I don’t think blog days are going to work, because I don’t remember to count them. I did knock out two blogs, because they don’t post. I now only read 64 blogs.

Last time I wrote, mystery pages were at 833. But I have read four more books. 833 + 1222 = 2055. But wait. I’ve read four books this weekend, a slow weekend, it is true. Those are the pages above. When did I read the other four Lawrence Sanders mysteries? I looked it up on my blog and it turns out all of the LS books I’ve read within the last week. So I need to add the other four books at 1353 pages. For a total page count of 3408.

Just in case you didn’t notice, that was 3408 pages this last week… Not including the one Bailey Kids book from the series I also read. It was about Cupid.