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in the One Month to Live challenge, my husband has said I am not ambitious and neither are our kids and they got it from me; that we are shallow; and that I am content with the status quo. He also said I approached the book like a Hatfield approaching a McCoy.

Here’s the deal. I am doing what I think I ought to be doing right now, except exercising some. I am not doing anything I don’t think I should be doing, except eating too much. And I don’t like that my being content with my life, that my doing the things I want to be doing, that my enjoying my life makes my husband look down on me.

Do I think my life is perfect? No. I have more doubts about God than I would like to have at this point. I’m thirty pounds overweight. I’m allergic to my favorite foods. I am teaching at three different schools. One of my sons is an atheist.

But my life is GREAT. I have a wonderful husband who loves me and puts up with me. I have two brilliant sons who love me. My parents are alive. My family is comfortable financially. We’re almost to the point where we don’t owe any money. I’m planning on going to North Carolina this summer and I know I can without breaking the bank. I have a nephew and two nieces who think Aunt Suzi is the best thing on the planet. I like my life.

I am not overscheduled. I don’t have too many things that aren’t related to my mission going on.

The only thing I really don’t like about my life is that I have no friends in a place we have lived for seven years. That stinks.

Other than that, I like my life.

I understand R’s situation. He’s done the same job for six years and he doesn’t like it anymore. It is not a challenge. So he wants to do something else, but he makes too much money to get a different job. He’s interviewed for two and they both turned him down for too much experience (money).

He wants to do something totally new and different. I understand that. I don’t, however. I am happy with where I am and most of what I am doing.

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  1. Looking back at this a month later, I agree with most of it. I am very satisfied with my life. Maybe that’s not what the Shooks meant when they talked about “live passionately.”

    I still think a lot of R’s frustration with us is his frustration with his life and how it hasn’t turned out as he had hoped.

    I need to pray for him more.

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