Time journal

What consumes most of your time each day? What exactly consumes you at work? How much of any given day to you spend doing only what you do best?

I sleep seven to ten hours a day. That leaves about fourteen to do things.

I spend an average of three and a half hours each weekday teaching class.

I spend an average of an hour on the road each weekday. I listen to some music and some talk radio, but most of the time I am going over what I did in class, what I want to do for the next class, and how I can do better at teaching.

I read for about three hours a day. I read blogs and novels.

I spend about one hour a day grading papers.

I spend another half an hour cleaning the house and doing laundry.

I spend about ten minutes getting my books ready for whichever school/class I’m going to and making sure I have what I need.

That’s eight and a half hours.

Today what did I do with the other time? The other five and a half hours?

I loaded the dishwasher. I made cookies which took about forty-five minutes. I watched the the One Month to Live video for half an hour. And we did the questions before and after, which probably took half an hour, including the bonus video. I drove my kids to drivers’ ed which was ten minutes. I talked to one of my sons for about fifteen minutes. I picked up the bathroom, about five minutes. I took a shower and got dressed, about twenty minutes. I took a twenty minute walk with R. That’s another two hours and fifty-five minutes.

What did I do with the other three hours?

I ate, went to the bathroom, straightened the kitchen and the dining room. I wrote a blog post. I went to the grocery store. That took about an hour. I made the bed and hang up my coat three times, plus I got it out of the closet three times. I took some books up to the teen room and moved stuff around in there. I came up with a small basket to use for laundry in the laundry room. I helped Elijah clean the kitchen and got the garbage ready to go out.

But I’m not sure what the last hour to hour and half went to.