One Month to Live: Day 3

How much of any given day to you spend doing only what you do best?

I spend three and a half hours a day doing what I do best. (Or maybe 7-10 if we are talking about sleeping.)

In general do you agree with the 80/20 principle? What activities in your life to you consider wasted time? What keeps you from using that time in more meaningful ways?

People often say that I am wasting time when I read, which is really what I do best. But I enjoy reading. I am not sure I would do as well if I had no time to read.

What am I accomplishing in my life? Well, I am getting my kids to school. I am teaching about 170 students. I am making some extra money. (Although that seems to go to gas.) And I am working on getting a full-time job somewhere. I am or I have been serving God through teaching (old church) and hosting a challenge group (new church). I am doing the One Month to Live challenge. I’m not sure how that is for God, but it is definitely for church.

How would you describe your current season of life?

If the metaphor for my life is a car ride around the world, right now I am clipping along the Autobahn. I may be going too slow for some people, but I am happy and doing things I want to be doing.

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