One Month to Live: Day 18

What do you consider the happiest season of your life? Do you look back on it and compare your present life to it?

I consider the last twenty years since I met and married R the happiest season of my life. Each change has brought a different refreshing, but the twenty years have been amazing. So I don’t long for a different time, I already am living “the best days of my life.”

What tangible cargo have you lost in one of life’s hurricanes?

My belief that I could actually control anything about the world around me.

If you knew you only had one month to live, what “cargo” would you throw overboard? How would you simplify your life? What material goods would you give away, sell, or trash? What items on your schedule would be the first to go? What keeps you clinging to this cargo presently? Make an inventory of items that you need to toss in order to keep your ship sailing smoothly.

I would get rid of most of the children’s books I have because no one but me cares about them. I use them to teach with, but they wouldn’t be any use for that once I am gone. However, I don’t think they should be thrown away now because I use them.

I would get rid of my rhetoric books, because I am the only one using those. I would cull the history books with M, so that any he didn’t want I would get rid of.

I would go through my jewelry and tag some for the boys’ wives and children. The rest I would give away.

No one in my family loves my art, but I don’t know what they would put on the walls instead if I gave those away.

So mostly I think that the things I have, I use.

How has your faith susatined you though some of the storms in the past? With the most recent storm in mind, what did you learn from it about yourself? What did you learn about God?

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