One Month to Live: Day 20

What does your life revolve around right now?

Work. Because I am doing so much in so many different places.

I would like to think that usually my family is central. But probably I’m usually the central focus of my life.

God is always there, but I am not sure he is usually the center. More like a constant on the edges of the center.

Who has consistently encouraged you?

What would you say to them if you only had one month to live?
I LOVE YOU. I’ll be watching you. I’ll be talking God’s ear off about whatever you need. I’ll be waiting for you.

Describe your most recent trial.
That would be when my mother went crazy.

In what ways did it turn your life upside down? How are you different now because of it?
No more spending lots of time with my family. Now my children are afraid of my mother. I spend time with my parents alone more now. I try to see them once a week, where before I was okay if it had been a month.

Whom do you consider to be a true friend?
See above list.

Who needs your encouragement now?