One Month to Live: Day 21


It’s all about being a whole person, being the same person in all places.

In an earlier time in my life, I had difficulty telling the truth. In some ways I had trouble distinguishing the truth from my imagination. But that is gone.

I am very grateful to God for that. I wish I could go back in time and erase those experiences. (Here is a case of active regret that is far more potent than any inactive regret.)

In my case, I am doing most of the things I would want to do if I only had a month to live.

If I live ten more years, there are things I want to do:
get involved professionally again
present papers
finish book 2 and 3
get my novels published
go on a trip to Europe, I’d like to take the boys, too, but only if they were actually interested in going.

But if I actually only had one month left to live, I’m already doing the things I would want to do. I guess that is a kind of integrity in itself.