Why go to Innovative Impact (I2)?

I am not really sure why I went, except that the church made the tickets cheaper for members and it seemed they wanted us to go.

It is for pastors, of all levels, and was very interesting. There were lots of volunteers there as well, especially volunteers from Fellowship of the Woodlands.

I went to the Children’s Ministry meeting today. It was fun and interesting. They had us do a preschool song, a 1st-3rd grade song, a game for 5th and 6th graders (French Fry Fling), and then one of my old students introduced worship with a slower song. (You know, when I had him in class six years ago, that is what he said he wanted to do and he is doing it.) Then they talked about different series they have done and showed a video from one, Wiifest. The funniest part of that was “No pastors were harmed in the making of this video, except for Pastor Dustin.” and then later it said, “FOTW does not encourage poor driving.” (That was less funny when you saw the pastor actually driving take his hands off the wheel, turn around to swat at the guys in the back seat, and watch the camera instead of the road.)

Tomorrow I am going to the innovative technology. I am hoping they’ll talk about blogging. I bought Pastor Kerry’s message series called Blog. We’ll see how much it is actually on blogging.