Super Smash Brothers Sprawl

(Note I now know the name of the game.)

We stayed up till 1 am to get that game, because M hadn’t preordered it. Thankfully most people had, so there were enough copies.

We got home at 1:15, changed the clocks to read 2:15, and went to bed. Okay, I went to bed. He stayed up to play his game.

I assume he’ll be taking a nap this afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Super Smash Brothers Sprawl

  1. My ds pre-ordered it and we picked it up after church today. He has been playing all afternoon except for when we made him attend a 60yr wedding anniversary/80th birthday party. Then he complained he didn’t know about going to that and when was he going to do homework. So I told him to take it with him, which he did. So punch, crackers, etc. and French 4. He still has some homework left. I, the responsible mom, asked when he was going to get off the game and finish it. No clear answer, so better put my foot down…

  2. p.s. Remember Margaret and Linwood Tew? It was their party. Linwood turned 80.

  3. Okay, so I went up to put my foot down and guess what. He was doing homework with the TV/game off. Wooohooo. Don’t you love it when your children mind without being reminded!

  4. I am sure I would love it when my children mind without being reminded, if that happened.

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