Sites and sounds on the internet

A great Dutch department store website. Have your sound on. I don’t know who sent me there; I even did a googleblog search, but didn’t find it.

A very provocative picture.

Top 10 Reasons bloggers don’t succeed. Although I would have to add here that it depends on what you were attempting to do. If you are creating a journal online that some people read and others look for info on occasionally, then you won’t be “successful” by this definition.

Adopt fine art instead of having to pay for it. I wonder if I should introduce my students to this. I have so many artists, maybe they could get on.

A book on teaching writing that I wish I could browse through. I probably won’t buy it because I can’t.

Weird art with a left slant. But cool, too.

“Vikings did not dress as we thought.” Except that this is exactly how I thought Vikings dressed.