One Month to Live: Day 26

When was the last time you experience a life collision in which you found ourself coming apart at the seams? How did you respond to it?

I was going to say years ago, but actually my mom going crazy was probably one of those. So, what did I do? I got upset. I quit my diet. Then I started exercising more. And I called some people to talk. And I prayed a lot. And I avoided my mom if I had my family with me.

It was a very traumatic time and I talked about it a lot more than was probably good for my kids, but I needed to process it. I guess next time I know to talk about it mostly when my sons aren’t around.

In what areas of your life do you see the greatest discrepancy between your will and His- relationships, finances, spiritual growth, something else?

I would say finances first, then balancing work and family, though that is only this semester that it has been a problem for several years.

What is the greatest barrier to trusting God in your life right now? Spend some time in prayer about these experiences. It can be difficult to build trust with Him if you’re not communicating.

I think my biggest barrier is that God answers based on his needs, not mine. But I have talked to him about that often. And I did again.

Make a list of five desires of your heart. Be as honest with yourself as possible. Commit your list to God, asking for his perspective regarding each item.

My life glorifies God.

My entire family, especially both my sons, be followers of God.

For me to be a good wife and mother and a loving influence on my family.

For me to be an excellent teacher and a positive influence on my students.

That my books speak to people in a way that resonates with them and brings them closer to God.

If you only had one month to live, what three actions would you want to take to align your remaining time with God’s will? What’s keeping you from pursuing them now? Choose one, and begin to implement it this week.

I would give my last lecture. I might be able to introduce parts of that now.

Other than that I am already doing the things I would do with one month to live.