What would you want to see if you had little time left?

One lady wanted to see a Luna moth. And a little boy and a forgotten credit card were used by God to help her husband keep his promise and let her see one.

Well, C- got to see God’s love in an unexpected way today (3/12/08) and I just had to share this touching story:

This morning, we went to the Abeka Book Materials Display at the hotel to order some new workbooks for C-. The representative, KW, was there and had lost so much weight that I hardly recognized him. As I was totaling up my order, C- was engaging him in conversation about moths and how he is raising several, including the Lunas. He was very interested in what C- was saying about the Lunas. KW told C- that he hadn’t seen a Luna since he was a little boy.

He also said that his wife has forever wanted to see a real Luna Moth – she had only seen pictures of them in books and the one on the Lunesta commercial ! KW said he had told his wife that he would make sure she saw one before she died. I remember wondering why he worded it that way at the time, but we just continued talking and then left.

On the way home, I kept thinking that I needed to drive back up there and give him one of our Luna cocoons that had not emerged yet. Then I talked myself out of it, because it would be really time consuming getting all of the kids back into the car, etc. I decided that instead, I would email him on our next emergence, and if he was really interested we could meet him somewhere to pick it up. Well…..about an hour later, I received a message on the machine from KW saying that I had left my credit card at his desk, and that he would be there until 3pm. So, C- picked out a cocoon that had been shaking and vibrating the past day or so, and we went back up there.

C- held it behind his back and said, “Boy, do I have a surprise for you!”. When KW saw the cocoon, he was fighting back the tears as he thanked C- for it. He then told us that his wife is dying of terminal breast cancer and that he had been telling her for so long…..”One day…..I will get you one of those Lunas to see with your own eyes!” It was so amazing and I don’t think C- had understood exactly what he meant about his wife until we talked about it in the car. Then C- just kept saying how he was sooo happy that we brought the cocoon to him and that his wife would get to see a real Luna.

We were completely overwhelmed at how God orchestrated something that seems so small to us, to bring some joy to this family! Please pray for them when you can…

A friend of mine emailed me this.

God, please be with KW and his wife in this time of good-byes. I ask that you minimize her pain and maximize her awareness as she spends these last few weeks with her family and friends. Bless her. Give the whole family your peace, your comfort, and your love. In the name of Jesus. Please make it so.