One Month to Live: Day 28

Think of a recent experience when your spiritual beliefs led to a practical application of serving others. What need in others did the experience meet? What need in you did it meet?

I am not sure this is what the Shooks are talking about, but recently I spent $300 to get three rooms cleaned and one room re-arranged. I could have done it myself, but some high school girls were raising funds for missions. So they came over and cleaned and rearranged the teen room. One of their mothers told me, “Thank you for giving them a real job. And they were amazed at your generosity.”

I believe in the need for missionaries. I believe in the good of being missionaries, even on a short term basis, for Christians. So that might count.

How do you usually respond when you reflect on your sins and shortcomings? Does it typically drive you to God’s grace or deeper into hiding

I think it drives me deeper into God’s grace because I know I can’t do it without him.

Think of a loved one who has passed away. How would you describe his or her spiritual legacy? What would you like to emulate about this person’s legacy of character? What would you like to emulate about this person’s legacy of character? What would you like to avoid?

Grampa Guy: He showed that love is a decision and not a feeling based on appearance. Avoid: Lack of sharing Jesus as he knew him with his family.

Grama Bunny: She loved me no matter what. Avoid: Judgment of others.

Grama H: She was generous with her time and goods. Avoid: Tendency to create drama if there was none.

Grampa H: Hard worker and dedicated to standing in the gap for his family and not passing on a legacy of physical abuse. Avoid: Negative talk.

Pappa Wiley: Loving man- loved God, loved his wife, loved his children, loved his grandchildren, loved his internet friends, and loved his church family.