Listening to God

We had three answers and three questions. Two of them said M should go to church with us. My answer, which I wasn’t sure of, was the one that sent him to his old church again.

God, please forgive me for not listening rightly, if that is what I did. Please protect M as he goes there. And, Lord, please use this for your glory.

God, I see the problems with this church. I know that many things are going wrong there. M sees the good things, his friends, the people, the mission trips, the camp. Thank you for his perspective and his attitude of focusing on the positive.

God, please bless this church. Give them your sense of urgency, your love, your wisdom. They don’t have to be a church I would want to go to, but they need to be the best church of their kind that they can be. Please, God, bless them with pressed down, spilling over blessings so that they become what you have in mind for them. Change them. Mold them. Make them. Turn them into your vision for their church. In the name of Jesus, Amen.