One Month to Live: Day 30

Wow. It’s hard to believe the book is over. I enjoyed it. It didn’t speak to me a lot in some places and in others it was burning coals on my head. (Sometimes those coals snuck up on me, too. I was reading thinking, “I don’t have this problem.” Then I’d read the questions and go, “Ouch.”)

There are no questions on day 30. It just tells you to keep living this way.

Live passionately.

Love completely.

Learn humbly.

Leave boldly.

I keep forgetting the first one. I’ll try to do that more, though.

A review of the last thirty days:

My life is better than I ever expected it to be.

I’m on an automobile trip around the world. (It is the hundredth anniversary of the first automobile race this year.) Some parts will be easy. Some parts will be hard. But I’m enjoying the ride and there is a prize at the end.

Describe how you would like your life to be different at the end of reading this book.
I suppose I could say that I would like my life to be more purposeful, that is always true.

Day 3:
If the metaphor for my life is a car ride around the world, right now I am clipping along the Autobahn. I may be going too slow for some people, but I am happy and doing things I want to be doing.

Wow. I don’t know if going through this is really a good idea. It is bringing up lots of frustration and anger feelings that I haven’t been feeling for days now. But reading is reminding me of them. Hmmm.

But not all of them are that way. Day 18:

I consider the last twenty years since I met and married R the happiest season of my life. Each change has brought a different refreshing, but the twenty years have been amazing. So I don’t long for a different time, I already am living “the best days of my life.”

But if I actually only had one month left to live, I’m already doing the things I would want to do. I guess that is a kind of integrity in itself. Day 21.

What an interesting review of my life over the last month. There were a few days that didn’t show up on Google blog search. I don’t know if I didn’t do them or if they just didn’t show up for some reason.