Was America founded on Christian principles?

I think that often people mis-state the question, asking, “Is America a Christian nation?” This question could mean “Are most Americans Christians?” or it could mean “Is it a nation that is based on Christianity?” or (as most who answer with a resounding no are actually discussing) “Is America supposed to be a Christian nation by

Duh, the answer to the last question is no. But the careful wording of the question to “Was America founded on Christian principles?” should bring a resounding yes. Only careful, out of context, isolated quotations can infer that it was not.

My son and my husband are discussing this question tonight loudly.

An incredibly good website is Religion and the Federal Government. They have quotes in context, historical information, and general discussion. But it is not long and wordy.

A good discussion of the Christian heritage of the US. It has a lot of short quotes from different documents throughout American history.

This site discusses the urban myth that the founding fathers weren’t Christians. Then it quotes for pages from the founding fathers.

This is another interesting discussion.