You can define a word to mean anything you want to.

That doesn’t mean it actually means that.

One problem with the world today is that we as a nation no longer hold to truth. I mean we no longer believe in truth. We think that any thought is as good as another. Any opinion is as good as another. There are no actual facts, not truths, no fundamental realities.

That is not true.

Freemasons can be Christians. My grandfather was a freemason and an Episcopalian (Church of England). He saw no disconnect between the two.

I have read that Washington was a freemason. He also attended and was active in the Episcopalian Church. Perhaps he saw no disconnect either.

I also read that famous people are deists. Some say Jefferson was; some include most of the founding fathers. (Don’t believe me? here, here, here, here, and here. All of these are discussing whether or not America is a Christian nation.)

Deism is “The belief that there is a God who created the universe, but that after creating it he left it to regulate itself and doesn’t step in to provide miracles or the like.” (Web definitions) Or is it?

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