Pretend Murder = Art


A Yale student, the valedictorian of her high school class, has claimed to have artificially inseminated herself and taken natural abortificants and kept the results of the self-induced abortions, which she uses as art.

Update: But now she may be saying she didn’t do it at all. At least that is what Yale says. It was just a stunt. However, if you read the paper, it clearly indicates that she would be expelled if she actually did it. So I’m still not sure. Read here to be confused yourself.

Redstate on The Art of Murder.

The Anchoress hoping it is a hoax.

Critical Mass who argues that it IS shock art and that shock art is simply a new way to transgress.

American Digest shows you pics and video where you can watch the “artist” rant.

One Cosmos describes it as a “snuff abortion film.”