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which requires me to think a bit.

What was I doing ten years ago?

1998… Living in Austin. Had a five year old and a six year old.

The six year old was in his first and last year of non-homeschool education with a teacher from Hell, or Boston, who made fun of the children’s accents because they were from Texas and turned my little mathematical genius into a user of the number line because he wanted to follow the rules. Er, guess I need to get over that Mrs. Farrar (pronounced fair-uh in Bostonian).

My five year old was in preschool, because he’s an October birthday. He had a great teacher and loved it.

And I was working on my dissertation, which I didn’t actually finish until 2000.

We went to a great church and I was celebrating my tenth anniversary, the only one for which my husband and I have ever purchased each other gifts.

What are five things on my to-do list for today?

Write a proposal for TYCA-SW, a two year college conference taking place in September in OK City.

Buy my husband dress shoes.

Hit the thrift shops for something to destroy.

Do laundry.

Remember to take home Alien Bee.

What are some snacks I enjoy?

Queso made with taco meat, eaten with carrots
BLT sandwiches
(Can you tell I’m doing low carb?)

What are three of my bad habits?
I put off grading student papers. (Not a good idea.)
I surf the net rather than grading student papers.
I am too focused on student papers, especially since I’ve already graded finals and turned in grades and my miniterm won’t start for two more days.

What are five places I have lived?
1. West Lafayette, Indiana (I am a PU grad.)
2. Abilene, Texas (went to undergraduate there)
3. Charlotte, North Carolina (which seemed like a huge city when I lived there. Not so much after living in Houston.)
4. Huntsville, Texas (for grad school, not the prisons!)
5. Hammond, Louisiana (where I went to school when private school in Abilene was too expensive)

What are five jobs I have had?
1. Waitress at Golden Corral (lots of work, no money)
2. Waitress at a low-end steak house (more fun, but still no money)
3. Church secretary
4. Junior high school history teacher
5. High school biology teacher

Turns out I have answered some of these questions before, in another meme. However, I tried to use different answers this time.

Thought I would answer another question from that blog.

What are the last five books I have read?
1. Five romance novels I bought at the book sale yesterday
2. Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs
3. Spanish Dagger by Susan Wittig Albert
4. Small Favor by Jim Butcher
5. Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris (I had read it before, but it was better having read Grave Surprise.)

Five people to tag
1. Ron at Reactuate.com
Hmmm. I tagged my Durham buddy already. I’m not sure who else does memes.
How about this? If you like doing memes (which I do) or you feel like answering the questions above for some reason, how about you consider yourself tagged?

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