Prayer, vision, word

Thomas was at our home this weekend with his family. He is a mighty prayer warrior. He prayed for E, who is an atheist, and was given this picture, explanation, and point.

E is protected inside a giant white web. There are multiple layers to the web and each is strong, not weak like spider silk. The web is formed from prayers and our families’ spiritual history. E is inside it, pushing against it (rebelling teenager?) and he is cutting some of the strands. But there are many of them and they are strong. He is not making much progress in getting away from their protection. It will take a lot of effort.

The word that came with this is: Life without God is not worth the effort.

My response: I have felt encouraged to pray for E more, since each link in the web is one more that he cannot/will not get through without effort. R has also been moved that way and has committed to pray for E at least every day for the next ninety days.

My request: Please pray for my son E. Your prayers will join with ours and make a difference in his salvation.