Aah, my old stomping grounds.

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, N.Y. — High school students in this well-to-do Westchester suburb pile on four, five, even six Advanced Placement classes to keep up with their friends. They track their grade-point averages to multiple decimal places and have longer résumés than their parents.

“I would never put lunch before work,” says Elaine Rigney, a junior at Briarcliff. She intends to work through the new period.
But nearly half the students at Briarcliff High School have packed their schedules so full that they do not stop for lunch, prompting administrators to rearrange the schedule next fall to require everyone to take a 20-minute midday break. They will extend each school day and cut the number of minutes each class meets over the year. Briarcliff currently does not require students to have a lunch period.

(from the NYTimes)

I went to Byram Hills High School. I had lunch, but didn’t eat. I did occasionally chat with friends though. I did not work through my lunch period.

I did go to college at 16 though, so that might count for something.