I do not love Texas right now.

Normally I am very proud of my state, but I just realized that we have never received the titles for our cars or our house from Texas.

We’ve got them. They belong to us. But we have no paperwork showing it.

Which means that I can’t sell my car, because I have no proof that I own it. (My husband found one title and it’s the one for the car we went to sell. That’s good.)

I called the Title company about our house and got put on hold “for two minutes.” I hung up at ten minutes.

I went online and found what I am supposed to do to get a title from Texas. But I don’t know if they will have it, how long it will take to get it, or where I have to go. They gave me an address, but Yahoo Driving says it is not a real address.

So now I am on hold for the stupid TxDOT.

I hate this crap.