Old sacrifice

An acrobat and two others were killed and a pre-horse/horse-analog was also sacrificed in Syria about 600 years before Dielli.

Fine silver jewelry, the remains of a dog along with its water bowl, and other animal remains were also found in the building.

The researchers think some kind of natural disaster may have led to a brief abandonment of the area before it was ritualistically closed with the sacrifices and “some propitiation of the gods.”

They believe the acrobat was an entertainer known as a hub, or hub ki, words associated with the idea of “always jumping about.” Ancient seals depict such individuals with spiky hair and performing contortionist-type tricks

Salukis were common dogs of the place and time. They look like greyhounds, but some of them have long hair on the ears, back of legs, and tail. They can be very light, almost blond, and dark like the darker colors of a beagle.

Perhaps I should have Nakhaman with Salukis.

Salukis are the endurance runners of the dog world and when in top physical condition they can run 50-60 miles per hour and keep it up for approximately five miles. Salukis are “sight” hounds which means they sight the quarry, run it down, catch and retrieve/dispatch it. The impression given should be one of the ability to hunt efficiently.