Points of interest: moon water, the economy, and sex

Moon water has been found.

Using a new, highly sensitive technique to determine the chemical makeup of the samples by measuring charged particles, the team was able to find minute amounts of water in the moon matter.

“We developed a way to detect as little as five parts per million of water,” said Erik Hauri, a geologist at the Carnegie Institution and a co-author of the new study

“We were really surprised to find a whole lot more in these tiny glass beads, up to 46 parts per million,” he said.

Commodity prices are falling sharply and that’s a good thing, stronger dollar, and a bad thing, stock market decline.

According to Reuter’s Health (more reliable than Reuter’s news), ErectileDysfunction can be staved off by having sex.

There’s new advice for older men who want to preserve their sexual function: have sex, and have it often, researchers say.

In a study that followed nearly 1,000 older Finnish men for five years, researchers found that those who were regularly having sex at the start of the study were at lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED) by the study’s end.

In fact, the more often the men had sex, the lower their ED risk.

The implication, say the researchers, is that men should be encouraged to stay sexually active into their golden years.