An ancient ship

It’s not quite as old as Dielli, but it’s getting there.

[S]cholars … will be able to delve into Greek naval construction techniques thanks to the amazing find of still-intact hemp ropes used to ‘sew’ together the pine planks in its hull – a technique described in Homer’s Iliad.

Archaeologists believe the ship sank in a storm some 800 metres off the coast while transporting goods from the Greek colony in Gela back to Greece in around 500 BC.

The bow of the ship, along with an astounding array of amphorae, drinking cups, oil lamps and woven baskets, were brought to the surface in 2003. On Monday coastguards and experts from the Caltanissetta culture department salvaged the rest of the vessel using a boat equipped with a crane able to lift loads of up to 200 tonnes.

from Ansa News in English via Mirabilis

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