Night Shade Allergies Dangers

Allergies can worsen over time. Remember that. Your allergy may start as a headache and then progress to debilitating pain across your whole body or a throat that swells shut.

Don’t be like the alcoholic who is sure that one more drink won’t matter.

Also, if you have an allergy to a fresh food, don’t assume that an allergy to that food after it is processed will never be an issue.

I have night shade allergies. They have gotten worse over time. They started with a minor discomfort, maybe a stomach ache. Then, when I ate a lot of them, I would have severe pain in all my joints; it was as if I had arthritis.

At that point I gave up night shades.

My mother has continued to eat them. Now her throat swells shut and there is some indication that her mental instability has been induced by her eating her allergy foods.

If you’re allergic, stay away from the food!

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  2. I have noticed that my airway constricts when cutting halopeno peppers and now notice severe coughing when cutting up green peppers. I have not noticed any problems when eating green peppers/raw or cooked.

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