Day off for Storm

R’s work is closed for the day. E’s college is closed for the day. The post office and Kinko’s are closed. But there’s not a lot of rain, steady but not a lot, and there are no strong winds where we live.

There weren’t for Rita either.

I am concerned that we will become complacent and that when there is a bad hurricane coming the city won’t pack up and leave. Just like happened with Katrina and (here in Houston) Allison.

One thought on “Day off for Storm

  1. Glad you just got rain. I have been neglecting my blog and everyone else’s recently. Humm – spell checker doesn’t like else’s – oh well. I did post today though. Hope you are doing well. Glad you had fun in Ill. Getting ready for school here. The Senior madness has started — senior pictures next week…

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