4 Politically-related issues of note

Our Borders are Under Attack

Please note that the bad guy got less time for doing the crime than the good guys who were trying to stop him. Yes, they shot at him. I can shoot at you if you’re in my house.

Also one of our border agents has been murdered.

AND our sovereign soil has been stomped on.

A left wing wacko group is sending threatening mail to Republican donors. It almost makes me give money, just so I can get the letter and have them spend time threatening me.

I hope the lawyers go after them big time for this intimidation.

Despite the fact that many people don’t know, it is a BIG deal that Russia is bombing Georgia. Let me remind you that Georgia is our ally. And that Russia has a history of eating small countries for lunch. Let’s mind the fridge, guys! We don’t need another war. Let’s stop this one early.

Is it true that Barack Obama’s unchanged name might kick him off the ballot? An interesting question. Is he still an Indonesian citizen? How would we know? There have been rumors, though I’ve see nothing substantial, that he is also a citizen of Kenya. What would that do? Can you be a dual citizen and president of the US? I hope not.