Homeschooling is winding down.

My eldest has 47 hours of college credit as a dual credit student. By the time he graduates from high school in August, he will have 73.

My youngest started at the college yesterday. He is taking math and history. He is also taking Hebrew from someone else. He say it will be exciting to finally know more about a culture than I do.

“Every time we talk, I mean, we can name some tiny place in Africa, and you know six missionaries there.”

I’m not that widely acquainted, but, yeah, I know a little about a lot of places.

So my boys are both concentrating their learning now from someone else. It isn’t because I couldn’t continue to teach them. Some of it I have taught them. And I’ll continue to do that. (My eldest was in my class at the college, after he had 30 hours of credits under someone else.) But it is time for them to spread their wings, even if none of us are ready for them to fly away.

It’s been good for E. I think it will be good for M too.

–Hey! E drove to college today for the first time. All by himself. My baby is growing up.