Pray for Georgia.

It’s not much in the news, but the situation is dire.

We rejected communism. Therefore, Russia rejected us. They denied Georgia any food, fuel, medicine when the Soviet Union fell, and they controlled all of this. They stole everything they could when they left. What they could not take, they destroyed.

Many believe the Russians came back to Georgia now because they never forgot. They never forgave us for embracing democracy, they wanted us to pay. Really, it is a celebration that Georgia survived at all. For almost seventy years we suffered under communist brutality. Georgians were not allowed to thrive under the Russians. We worked hard as a nation to relearn how to think and how to live free.

And now today all we have done is being taken, again.

from The Real Truth about Russia in Georgia

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  1. Did you ever mean Jan? She is a missionary in Belgium that was engaged to a man from Georgia. There are many, many refuges from there in Belgium. He had been in Belgium for 4+ years when I met him in 2005. He died in 2007. Jan is still in touch with his family in Georgia. The past few weeks have been very scary for them.

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