Everywhere I’m reading negatives about Sarah Palin

but I still think she was a good pick. Let me tell you why. In no particular order:

She’s a woman and Obama was an idiot not to ask Clinton to be his VP. So we have the GOP with a VP candidate that is strong, likable, and historic. I think that an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket would have been unbeatable. So Palin may appeal to the Pumas. And even if she doesn’t, it says the GOP isn’t a good old boys club.

She’s beautiful. This will let us know whether the media really is prejudiced (The Washington Post, for instance, argued that the reason they had 134 pictures of Obama to 94 of McCain is because O is better looking.) It will also get the GOP a lot of good photo ops. Those are important.

Despite what O’s campaign said, she has more experience than he does. Yes, she’ll be one heartbeat away from being president. But he’ll be the president. Which is worse? And she’s been an executive on more than one level. She’s been in politics for the last 16 years. And she’s a reformer.

She’s ardently pro-life and she lives it. Fox News may call her anti-abortion (along with all the other news outlets), but what you see in her life is ProLife. I’m impressed. So are the conservatives who were worried about the GOPs take on their most important issue.

Lots of the Dems are saying, “Oh no Dem will vote for a prolifer.” Well, you know, if they were one-issue voters, they wouldn’t vote for the GOP anyway because they are the party that believe in the right to life. I think a lot of Dems will be more likely to vote for a woman.

SHE is the everyman the LATimes says the DNC lauded Obama as. We’ve seen pictures of her in front of a motorcycle, on a ferry, next to a plane in the snow, showing her kill, with her family. She’s the kind of person you’d want to live next door to you. And she’s not the elite Harvard grad like Obama. She’s a U of Iowa grad in journalism. (Okay, that’s a negative.)

There are many GOPers who are one issue, prolife. She is the most prolife candidate I’ve ever heard of having even a chance of election to the presidency. (I’d prefer a Thompson-Palin ticket, but that’s not going to happen.)

She is definitely a Washington outsider. She is from Alaska.

She also cleaned up Alaskan politics and, while I’m not too thrilled about the whole pork thing, at least she took the bridge to nowhere money and re-directed it to something useful for Alaska.

She’s a hard worker and her family support her. They’re united on this as they were on baby Trig, peace’s son, in the family.

Her family is union workers. She’s been a union worker. I know a lot of people are going to like that, too. I like the fact that she has worked for her living. I’m not too hip on unions, but…

She is pro-Second Amendment. There are lots of one issue voters on that issue too. Whoo hoo! (Do a little jiggity dance here. Do you think I need to tell my husband I am donating to the campaign?)

She’s got a strong record, even in 20 months, on bringing drilling into Alaska and getting the oil there into use.

She’s a mother of five. I could not do that. But I know that the kind of person who can be is impressive.

She brings a fresh breath to a campaign which after twenty months has lost its aroma on either side.

It was a strategic genius move to announce her the day after the DNC finished. It short-circuited all the Obama focus.

Want to see what she said for yourself?

Her acceptance is about 9 minutes in.

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  1. I agree, she’s an excellent choice. I think that C. Rice would have been a titch stronger (pull in the Black vote), but perhaps she’s too wise to get embroiled in the inevitable muck-raking and mud-throwing.

    One exception to your list: The University of Iowa has produced some excellent journalists, among them are Tom Brokaw and Brian Ross. Admittedly, I may not always agree with them, but they do get the job done. The U of I also excels in other areas, specifically it’s dental school, and it’s Writer’s Workshop, which has produced the likes of W.P. Kinsella & Kurt Vonnegut. In short, “Go, Hawks”.

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