Sexism is alive, well, and rampant in the US.

“Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Palin” but “Senator Obama”

Is it not true that Governor Palin and Senator Clinton have titles which should be used? But the media is dissing them.

Men who support Governor Palin are talking about her hair, her dress, her glasses, her breasts, and her hot figure. So are men who hate her.

Why are they doing that?

I know they are guys. But is that really all a guy is? I guarantee you, no matter how wonderful a woman wants to look, most of them don’t want that to be the first thing out of a guy’s mouth, even if it is the first thing in his head.

“She can’t raise her children.” So say the extremist right wingers and most of the left. What does the left care who raises her children? Obama has been home ten days in the last year. Biden was sworn into the Senate at the hospital bedside just after his wife was killed, leaving him a single father of two sons.

“She’s showing off that baby.” I’m with the Anchoress on this one. His name is Trig. And if you were doing something important that was going to change your children’s lives, you would want them with you. Obama’s kids phoned it in, but Palin’s were on stage.

There’s more, but I’m too disgusted to deal with it right now.