25 Decorating Mistakes

Blissfully Domestic lists them.

Pushed back furniture (don’t do this for the most part, if there’s room to float, I do it)
Tacky couch covers (they were talking clear plastic, can you imagine? does anyone do that anymore? I never see it in the South)
Frames too high (this is a pet peeve of mine too)
Improper lighting (I think I have this one covered just fine)
Floating rugs (nope, not a problem either)
Too many colors/patterns (love color & patterns, but I think I’m under control)
Furniture that doesn’t fit (I think they mean oversized & too much in one room)
Following fads (I have been a wee bit guilty of following some fads, but only the good ones)
Everything matches (this seemed to be too much of one color in a room, everything the same color).

There are more.

Go leave her a message and tell her which ones you do. A little internet confession is good for you.