9:30 Our friends left because the wind was picking up and they needed to let the dog out.

10:15 The wind has picked up. Our electricity is going off and on. We don’t have internet now.

10: 25 The lights are going out and staying out for longer. Our friend is asking us if our lights are going off and on.
10:35 The lights are out.
11:00 R is going to bed and wants me to stay up.
3:00 something is hitting our roof.
7:15 My folks are okay.
7:40 My sister Stephanie, who lives three stories over a creek, has water up to her yard. So 20 feet higher.
10:00 The main highways are closed. But my sister decided she would leave anyway. She’s on her way to Austin. She said the highway wasn’t closed where she was, though there were power lines down.
11:30 pm Everyone is asleep but me. It’s hot and I’ve wet down a washcloth and wave it in the air and then lay it on my skin to cool it down.
The neighbor lost a front porch and was lucky at that since she had three or four huge trees come down in her yard.
Others, just a street away, had trees come in their houses.
And we’re told a cold front is coming in tomorrow. (YEAH!) But that it is bringing rain with it. So the flash flood warnings will continue until after the rains.
We’ve played Peanuts (or Nerts) and read books. I walked around the neighborhood a bit, but it is hot and no one else in my family wanted to go outside.
R and I had baloney and cheese sandwiches for dinner. I think the food that is still left in the fridge will be a loss. I’m going to eat cheese for breakfast tomorrow.
The boys had peanut butter sandwiches and pineapple out of a can.
We have food and water for a week, but I hope we’ll get power back sooner. If we’re still without power on Sunday evening, I’m thinking we should head out. Or maybe on Monday morning. Of course, if I have to work on Tuesday, that could be an issue.

It’s hot and raining. I hope the cool air comes soon.
Our water is still working, but the two fridges are no longer cold, even with all the ice we had built up.
The rains were actually heavier than during the hurricane, at least for us.
It’s cool! Whoo hoo. We can live with this for a while.

We got the yard cleaned while it was still cool.

We worked on the glass from the broken windshield and emptied out the nasty stuff from the hot tub.

We’re heading to my parents’ house. They have power and they also have the malls open. Most of their restaurants are open too. And they have plenty of grocery stores open.

No one has much gas though. But we had filled up all our cars before the storm, so it wasn’t a problem for us.

We used the car that was messed up to charge up our cell phones. We certainly weren’t going to be able to drive it around.