First question at the debate

At this very moment tonight, where do you stand on this economic plan?

Obama starts answering by thanking Ole Miss. “two wars” “worse financial crisis since Great Depression” “how’s it going to effect Main Street?” Move swiftly, wisely… a series of proposals
1. oversight
2. taxpayers at risk, have possibility of getting back
3. none of that money going to CEOs
4. help homeowners
This is a final verdict of eight years of Bush.
“shredded regulations”

No ums yet.

He must have expected this question.

McCain- Senator Kennedy in hospital.
Thanks University of Mississippi.
Not feeling too great about a lot of things lately, but feeling better tonight.
Seeing Rs and Ds sitting down together and trying to fix the problem.
Failures on Main Street… greatest fiscal crisis in our time, and I’ve been around a while.
options for loans to failing businesses
Went back to Washington and met with the Republicans… House Republicans that decided they would be part of the solution to the crisis.
This is the end of the beginning…
eliminate our dependence on foreign oil

Obama: optimistic about coming together on a plan
How did we get into this?
2 years ago, I warned.
Last year, I wrote to the sec of treasury…
Yes, we have to solve this problem short term. “shredded regulations”

McCain: warned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
A lot of saw this train wreck coming
issue of responsibility
Dwight Eisenhower… wrote two letters… one was to D-Day success
another was a resignation for the failures at Normandy
I’ve been heavily criticized for holding people accountable
We need to hold them accountable and reward people who succeed
Corruption or failure to carry out responsibility are rewarded
“As Pres of US, will held responsibility”

Obama: years what’s good for Wall Street?
not what’s good for Main Street?
health care system that is broken
energy system
Well, uh…

McCain “Are you afraid I couldn’t hear him.”

Obama: I fundamentally disagree… for the nurse, teacher, police officer… at end of each month, having trouble paying their mortgage

McCain: we’ve got to fix the system. WE have fundamental problem
Wall Street is paying the price
Obviously stricter interpretation and consolidation of regulatory…
American worker- most innovative, best worker
fundamental belief in the American