Second question; whatever it was

M: get spending under control
We Rs came to change government, and gov’t
earmarking as a gateway drug
$3million taxpayer
As president of United States, I have a pen. I’m going to veto. I will
Obama asked for 132 million in earmarks.
That’s how we differ.
That’s one of the fundamental differences.

O: Earmarks process has been abused
Also right that special interests and lobbyists are introducing
Earmarks account for $18 billion
McC is proposing $300 billion tax cuts
in his tax plan, CEOs would get $700K in reduced taxes
Grow the economy from the bottom up
95% tax cut
fill up on gas that is killing them
a better recipe for economic growth

M: O suspended earmarks after running for pork barrel
It’s only $18 billion… it’s tripled… gone out of control… corrupts people
People under indictment
I was called the sheriff… I’ve fought against it
O is proposing $800 billion in new spending
I want to cut spending, I want to keep taxes low

O: I don’t know where John is getting his figures
stop loopholes, stop tax cuts for those shipping overseas
health care for everyone in US
When I am president, I will go line by line to make sure we are spending money … well
Tax policies at people who are doing well
continuation of eight years… another four years

M: example, business tax
right now US business, 2nd highest in US
if you are a business person, you are going to go to lower tax
you’ll be able to create jobs, invest
I want to cut it so that businesses will invest here
The US Senate will take up… a resolution with 2000 earmarks
O is a recent convert after requesting $932 million
%5K for healthcare
double dividend for every dependent child in US

O: Here’s what I can tell
95% can make a tax cut
if you make less than 250,000 you won’t see one dime
on paper business taxes are high
loopholes written into tax code with McC’s help
people out there who are working everyday
it’s not like you want to close the loophole
health credit, what he doesn’t tell you, intends to tax health benefits
your employer will have to pay taxes on health benefits

M: I know we have to, but
walking the walk, talking the talk
festooned with breaks…
Look at our records
O voted for it.
I voted against it
Who has tried to keep spending under control?
tax system that is fair
Two tax brackets
New or existing tax codes
Look at the record…
O has shifted
He has voted in the US Senate
to increase taxes on people as low as $42K

O: oil company profits
if we give taxes to oil companies, other people wouldn’t get it
energy bill