Alcohol does in fact kill your brain.

I’ve been telling my sons that for years. My mother says I “brainwashed” them. But it turns out, I was telling them true.

Reuter’s has the article.

Total brain volume decreased as alcohol consumption rose, the researchers found, and the relationship was stronger for women. “Alcohol is absorbed more rapidly in women than in men, and in general women are more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than men,” the researchers note.


People’s brains are known to shrink with age and the amount of damaged white matter increases, as people get older, the researchers say. And as dementia and cognitive problems progress, white matter lesions grow and the size of the brain declines.

I may have to give up the occasional search for the perfect Strawberry Daquiri. (In a year I usually have two glasses of alcoholic beverages. I am a bit concerned that I not reach my tipping point into alcoholism, like my brother and a sister, and I don’t really like the taste of most alcohol.)